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George’s Pizza

Community, tradition and historical roots.

That’s what George’s Pizza is all about.

Its history dates back to the late 70’s.

George’s Pizza opened in 1973.
And it’ steeped in history and tradition.

So let’s take a look how it all came about.

In the 1960’s many Greek families immigrated to Vancouver.

To them the city was a land of new challenges and opportunities.

So many of them did want they knew best – cooking and running great restaurants.

And they did just that, in droves.

Soon Vancouver had many Greco Roman restaurants, serving great Greek food and of course, great pizza.

And George’s Pizza was one of them.

But over the years many of these restaurants closed. The reason?

The legacy of handing over a restaurant from one generation to the next declined.

Often younger family members were no longer interested in taking over a restaurant that mom and dad had started.

Also many of the neighbourhoods where these restaurants were located changed.

Supplanted by new housing developments and high-rise apartments.

But despite all of that George’s Pizza continued.

For sure, it had different owners over the years.

All of them trying something new, something different.

But now George’s Pizza once again is doing things the traditional way.

It’s new owners, Nick Balikis and Jason Upton, are upholding the tradition of great Greek food and pizza.

George’s Pizza is ready to welcome you.

So you can enjoy great Greek food and awesome pizza.


George’s Pizza